Commercial Pressure Washing Services

     You can count on After Shine Exterior Cleaning to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. We provide more than just pressure washing and soft washing. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

Buildings & Store Front Soft Washing

 After Shine Exterior Cleaning, uses a technique called soft washing to clean your building exterior. This process allows us to work carefully, using extremely low water pressure that is on par with a garden hose. We combine our superior pressure washing equipment with specialized cleansers, which contain algaecides that kill even the most stubborn growth. After applying the solution, we let it sit to work away at the buildup, then rinse completely.

We also use soft washing for safety reasons. This method allows us to wash multiple stories without using a lift, which reduces both costs and liability. It also minimizes damage to landscaping and creates a more convenient cleaning process for building tenants. Soft washing provides an all-around secure, positive, and transformative experience for our customers.

Our approach may be gentle, but the results are anything but — After a soft wash service from After Shine Exterior Cleaning, your building will look like new.

Awning & Roof Washing

     South Carolina weather can be hard on your awnings and coverings. We recommend cleaning your awning regularly and, depending on the type, sealing it. The life expectancy of awnings and shades is typically lower than a homeowner or business operator realizes so without proper maintenance the elements can take there toll much quicker than you realize. After Shine Exterior Cleaning cleans awnings of all sizes and shapes and in hard to reach areas. We clean vinyl, fabric, sunbrella and metal awnings and shades. We offer free estimates so give us a call today.

We clean awnings with low-pressure chemical wands using solutions that are recommended by awning manufacturers and we are equipped with the proper tools and chemicals that they require. Awning maintenance often requires unusual tools to work above garages, uneven ground, trees, and foot traffic. Industry-specific cleaning solutions and experience in their use is necessary. Our workers work quickly but cautiously to ensure the safety of your awnings as well as their surroundings.

Your awnings are in good hands, so call After Shine Exterior Cleaning today!



Fence Washing

     Do you want to have your decks, fences, and other exterior woods restored by true experts with the ability to revive their former glory? Nobody does fence cleaning and deck cleaning better than After Shine Exterior Cleaning, your Florence, SC Pressure Washing team. Our wood restoration and cleaning methods are superior to typical high-pressure methods: Our proprietary soft washing process returns your wood to its natural color. Other methods simply do not get deep enough into the wood to remove gray weathering, mildew, or old stain. Unlike most other companies, After Shine Exterior Cleaning only uses high pressure, as a last result, not the first option. 

We restore your wood naturally and gently for ideal wood restoration, fence cleaning, and deck cleaning give After Shine Exterior Cleaning a call today!

Drive Thru, Concrete & Patio Washing

    If you operate a restaurant with a drive thru or pick up window, a bank with multiple drive thru lanes or any other business with a drive thru and you are in Florence, SC we would like to ask you a question. When is the last time you actually took a ride thru your drive thru? For many customers the drive thru experience represents their total interaction with your company. Yet many drive thrus are not maintained the same as interior spaces. What is more, many managers and business owners do not regularly look at this vital area from the customer perspective. Pressure washing these areas can be an efficient way to bring this potentially hard to maintain area back in line with your high quality standards.

You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the impression customers get from seeing a clean drive thru, but certainly you want to avoid the impression a customer would get from having a drive thru that is an unsightly mess!  There are many aspects of the drive thru that need regular attention. From the drive thru window (which is often very neglected), to the actual drive thru concrete (which is often heavily stained from the high volume of traffic day and night) there are many chances to make a positive or negative impression on your customers.  Having a radiantly clean exterior portrays to your clients that you want to provide excellent service in all aspects!

Our experts here at After Shine Exterior Cleaning has years of experience in making commercial properties such as yours look their best! If you want to make sure it shines call After Shine Exterior Cleaning today!

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